ezPDF CLEAR PDF Player v2.

Posted by Sylvia G Reynolds on Monday, May 20, 2013
ezPDF CLEAR PDF Player v2.

ezPDF CLEAR PDF Player v2. 2.2

ezPDF CLEAR PDF Player v2. It's a PDF reader. It's a PDF viewer. No~ It's the Interactive PDF Player! Do h memorize flash cards?

Here new way devices... just tap, tap, .

Simple three (3) Steps :

1. Use programs (Word, Excel,) study materials, then save.

Or simply take a picture study materials, then save.

2. Use our PC authoring program (demo ezPDF CLEAR PDF Player v2. provided) those plain PDF files in PDF.

3. Play CLEAR. That's all~

ezPDF CLEAR acronym for "Connected Learning Easy, Respond, ." a pleasant reading experience documents. Combining and/or pen technology, reading longer limited book replacement. a new way of productivity tools under work environments on their devices - marking, writing, typing, drawing, images.

However, ezPDF CLEAR additional new experience - Interactivity!

's first introduction -based educational tool taking mobile application.

Mimicking Books face past. Learning should be ' attention. Our new approach brings a passive PDF becomes live. Our authoring tool programs (currently available only) make PDF file embedded books, audio embedded books, flash cards, OX, True/False, multiple choices, answer quizes .

ezPDF CLEAR magically turns these contents interactively on mobile devices. Hope our app helps CLEAR and training obstacles.

ezPDF CLEAR PDF Player v2.


- Supports Samsung S Pen Technology

- Read PDF files

- Listen embedded audio

- Highlight, underline text

- Write, draw, type, images

- Fill-out PDF form

- Take a quiz , answers within PDF-learning practice

- Supported Languages : English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

What's ezPDF CLEAR PDF Player v2. :

- Bugfix.

- Bugfix.

- Bugfix.

- Bugfix.

- Bugfix.

- Jelly Bean Stablilization.

- Bugfix.


ezPDF CLEAR PDF Player v2.


Download : ezPDF CLEAR PDF Player v2. Instructions:


Mirror ezPDF CLEAR PDF Player v2.


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